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TAA Resources

The team at  the Territorial Agrifood Association conducts jurisdictional and environmental scans and document reviews as well as prepares research and informational reports on specific issues.  Find copies of those here.

Public Presentations

March 2024 Presentation to Community Planners, held in Yellowknife, NWT. Click on image for PDF copy..


March 24 Planning Press cover.jpg
Here are some of our recent research reports
l green circle.png
Agricultural land use and leasing policy review
orange circle.png
NWT procurement policies and local food.
d green circle.png
Comparison of Canadian power rates and farm discounts.

Pick up a copy at our Yellowknife office or email


If you are a member of the NWT Agrifood Sector and you would like us to research or collect data on a particular topic of interest to you, please reach out to to discuss details and our availability.

Public Information Resources

The TAA creates and maintains many public information resources designed to get children , youth and adults interested in the agrifood sector in the NWT.  Resources includes sticker sets, word searches, questionnaires and fun information products as well as manuals on how to start an NWT food business, how to get started in small scale food processing, and farmers market food safety. We are also a partner with Agriculture in the Classroom Canada  


Stop by our office to see what resources are available,  If you are not in Yellowknife, email us at to talk about what you are looking for.

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