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About us

The TAA supports and advocates on behalf of individuals, businesses and organizations who are actively engaged (or wish to be actively engaged) in agri-food-related activities such as farming, food harvesting, production, processing, manufacturing or distribution with the intention of selling of generating revenue.

The Territorial Agrifood Association (TAA) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization based in the Northwest Territories, Canada that was formed in 2020 to represent members of the agri-food value chain across the territory.


TAA was born from the Territorial Farmers Association and the NWT Food Network to unite commercial food growers, processors, manufacturers, chefs, restaurants, and others in the commercial food industry in the NWT to enhance the Territorial Agrifood Sector and improve the economic impact of members.  TAA Board of Directors, staff, members, and supporters, along with government and funding partners are working together to drive the agrifood sector forward.

The TAA develops Annual Operational Plans to guide and outline how our strategic plan will be implemented in our rapidly growing sector. This allows us to be flexible and responsive while still focused on our goals. We are committed to ensuring that the operational plans include evaluation and measurable indicators of success.

Our strategic pillars sit under our overarching organizational values and our primary intention of sector development. We recognize that building a sector takes time and have included lofty intentions to help motivate us to work tirelessly for our sector. We conduct annual performance reviews of everything we do.

Our Story

The TAA promotes,
supports, and advocates for a sustainable, competitive, resilient agrifood industry
in the NWT through entrepreneurship
and innovation.

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Innovation

  • Inclusivity

  • Sustainability


  • Unite all people interested in commercial agrifood endeavors in the Northwest Territories

  • Advocate and lobby for the mutual interests of our members

  • Secure public support in the NWT for policies and regulations related to all aspects of agrifood

  • Contribute to evidence-based agrifood policy by actively researching and developing policy recommendations on key issues that impact our members

  • Participate in and support agrifood research

  • Deliver professional development opportunities through knowledge-sharing and training programs

  • Enhance public awareness and understanding of the NWT agrifood sector and its importance to the NWT through public education

  • Build partnerships within the Canadian agri-food sector

2023/2024 BOARD
Kevin Wallington



Alex McMeekin



Gregory Heist


Jocelyn Apps


Sheila Warren
Janet Dean


Connie Wilson
Events and Projects
Nikita Daniels
Retail and Admin Coordinator
Linnea Azzolini
Summer Student

Janet has been in the NWT for more than 25 years and brings a background in entrepreneurship and market development as well as experience in food processing and food marketing in the NWT. She is the operational lead in bringing our projects and initiatives to life and leads our amazing team of staff and contractors. Janet also offers Notary Services for members through our Yellowknife office.

Janet can be reached at

Connie brings her background in event coordination and group development to her sector development work with us.  Her thoughtful can do approach is appreciated by partners, clients and colleagues alike,


Connie can be reached at coordinator

Originally from Fort Smith, Nikita brings a wealth of Northern knowledge and retail hospitality to our organization.  A talented multi tasked, she supports our social enterprise vendors and provides support on all our initiatives. 

Nikita can re reached at

Yellowknifer Linnea joins us summers while studying at Wilfred Laurier University.Her energetic, creative approach to work is inspiring and makes her a valuable member of our team. 

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