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Taste of Place Canada

I recently attended the Taste of Place Canada Summit in Toronto and was wowed by data showing the connection between a vibrant culinary scene and thriving small and medium sized producers and growers. We heard about the olive and tea trails in Turkey, the story of Belgian beer and how Tuscon become a UNESCO City of Gastromy - all with the same messaging. What is already "here" is what we need to bring attention to. There is no chicken /egg or cart/horse discussion. We need local growers, harvesters and producers AND we need a culinary scene using those ingredients. So meat regs...we need you changed now. Restrictions on urban farms need to go now too. Chefs, build menus on what is available from the NWT, not fresh strawberries in February. And entrepreneurs - take the leap and start a food business (we can help you figure it out). We got this NWT - food security, food sovereignty AND a food economy!

- Janet Dean, Executive Director


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