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How to use your backyard or ungraded eggs.

Can I use backyard/ungraded eggs in my food business (baking, meal prep, restaurant)?

No, you can't.

All products used in a permitted food establishment must come from a federally, provincially, or territorially inspected source. This makes local ungraded eggs invalid for use as an ingredient in a permitted food establishment.

Can I sell my backyard/ungraded eggs to the public?

Yes, but you must follow these practises:

  • Maintain the eggs at 4 degrees celsius during transportation, storage and display.

  • Ensure the shells of the eggs are clean and free of cracks.

  • Use clean egg cartons, and if using recycled cartons, cover up the grading information.

  • Label the eggs cartons with the following: The name of the farm, the contact information of the farm, the date of packaging.

  • Ensure there is a conspicuous label on your carton saying "ungraded eggs"

  • Inform the general public through labelling and signage that the eggs come fro an un-inspected source.


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